Vamsidhar Kalidasu on “An expedition to the Himalayas by the children of Chenchu tribal community under the guidance of Mr. Vamshidhar Kalidasu”

Mr. Vamsidhar Kalidasu is Founder and Partner Ganityoga | Founder and Trustee at CHILDREN OF THE FOREST.

Vamsidhar Kalidasu, is a senior academician and mathematician from Hyderabad and  has been working with the Chenchu tribal community, and has founded ‘Children of the Forest’ in A.P.& Telangana, (Srisailam Nagarjun sagar Tiger Reserve). Vamshidhar ‘s idea is to help these primitive, vulnerable tribal group talented children explore the outside world, and bring their academic and sports skills to meet the global standards. To attract distracted children and bring positive change into their lives, he organized boot camps to bring awareness to the Chenchu tribal community. The efforts have proven to be lengthy but showed good results.

Meeting Time: December 3, 2021 11:00 am
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