Tarun Choubisa on “Should we make learning simple or difficult?”

Tarun Choubisa – Co-Founder, Seed2Sapling Education, Bengaluru

Tarun Choubisa, Co-founder of seed2sapling education which has a motto of learn how to learn. He did PhD in Electrical communication engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and M Tech from IIT Guwahati. He works with schools, teachers and students to develop scientific temper and mathematical thinking using their curriculum and beyond curriculum. He helps in developing different skills of teachers and students like critical thinking, problem solving, observing, questioning, etc. So, facilitate students and teachers to construct the knowledge rather than merely consuming it and experiencing the joy of learning. One of the students in one of the S2S sessions figured out her own method of divisibility test of 11. He is the recipient of Mission10X Dale Carnegie certification for High Impact Teaching Skills and a ‘Mentor for Change’ for Atal Tinkering Labs. He is a fellow of “Crayons of hope”. He is very passionate about improving the life-quality of people by education, awareness and networking.

In this talk, he explained how students and teachers can come out of the rote learning concept with his array of hand-picked scientific and mathematical explorations, which makes students to observe, explore, discover and enjoy.  His teaching concepts are mainly based on observation and critical thinking.


This meeting was held on March 1, 2021 9:50 am