Tarana Chakerwarti on”Getting ready for 21st-Century Teaching Learning”

Ms. Tarana Chakerwarti is an enthusiastic and highly motivated Teacher’s Trainer, Pedagogy Consultant, and Author. She is based out of New Delhi and has more than two decades of experience working with some prestigious publications, acclaimed curriculum house of repute, prominent schools, CBSE-empanelled Educational Training institutions and some very renowned corporates. Her contributions in the field of education are remarkable with her sole vision to empower the teaching-learning process. She has been ardently conducting Principal leadership training, Teacher training, Student skill-development workshops, parenting seminars, and extending academic support to a gamut of educational institutions across the country. She has this strong ability to envisage the needs and research and design training programs on scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education including Classroom Pedagogy, Lesson Planning with Differentiation techniques, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Classroom Management, Relating Academics with Life-skills, Time Management, Stress Management, and much more.

She has to her credit developing an engrossing digital curriculum for schools for Gr K8 as per NCF 2005 guidelines (including experiential work for PreK, skill-based grammar practice books and literature workbooks for English Gr 1-8, lesson planning book in EVS (Gr 1-5), and a special NCERT mapped integrated (English and EVS) curriculum for Gr 1. She has successfully authored a life-skills curriculum for grades 1- 10 called “Ready for life”.

Her great inclination towards curriculum development and design keeps her passion for writing alive. The latest addition to her development and instructional design work has been a unique one of its kind Foundational Literacy and Numeracy(FLN) preparatory module for Gr 1(based on NEP 2020) in consultation with NCERT faculties.

Topic Description: As the ultimate goal of any pedagogy is to develop student’s learning. This topic becomes pertinent in today’s times in order to understand how can students learn better and which pedagogical methods can help educators to elevate their student’s learning in 21st-century classrooms. The educators will get an opportunity to deeply delve into 21st-century teaching-learning practices to learn and apply various student-centred approaches and methodologies and enable themselves with the right skills and pedagogy in tandem with NEP 2020.


Meeting Time: September 28, 2021 12:00 pm
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