Tarun Seth on “How to connect with the students effectively”

Tarun Seth has  22 years of teaching experience. He is HOD mathematics, IB DP Math educator & AP calculus teacher, Woodstock International School, Dehradun. In this meeting, he speaks about the online assessments and the teaching tools he uses in his class.
He feels the most important thing about online teaching is building a good relationship with his students.

He shared a few points on how to connect with the students effectively.

  1. Make a welcome page to introduce yourself and provide instructions on how to get started and where they can turn for questions. 

2. At the start of the course, send an introductory announcement that includes a short video message from you so students can get a sense of your personality.

3. Create an introductory activity such as an “Introduce Yourself” discussion so that students can get to know each other and feel like they are part of a community of learners.

4. It’s a nice idea to create space for students to contribute resources they have found that are related to the course topic.

Discussing about synchronous and asynchronous learning, Tarun says in synchronous learning, though there is a real interaction with the students, the training happens in a fixed schedule where as in asynchronous learning, students can learn in their own time and schedule. The tools he uses in his class are faces and voices, Zoom,Loom, padlet etc

Tarun says in online teaching, navigation is very important. It means, the information we present to the student should be at one place, in the form of google doc or excel sheet with hyperlinks so that the student can access the information at one click. He suggests the teaching fraternity to use exam.net with high security mode to reduce cheating in online assessments.