Jaya Wathare, Faculty of English, IBDP & CAIE, HFS International School, Mumbai

Ms Jaya Wathare has been actively involved in the field of ELT for more than five years. She has worked with schools affiliated to different boards right from CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge to IB. At present, she is working as a Faculty of English Language and Literature (IBDP and IGCSE) with HFS International, Mumbai. She has done her graduation from the Lady Shri Ram College and has also acquired Masters in English from the University of Delhi.

In her free time, she publishes blogs, mainly, literary reviews of movies and books. Being a supporter of the social cause of spreading awareness and education, she does collaborate as a content developer with NPOs as well as NGOs.

In this meeting with India School News, she talks about her experience with teaching English in schools.

She also expressed her views about the medium of instruction as mother tongue or regional/local language till grade 5 as introduced by New NEP 2020. She also explains how subjects as humanities and literature are picking up among the students.