Amirzit S Huidrom on “Experience as senior master and housemaster”

He is currently working as a Senior Master of the Assam Valley School, Balipara, Assam. He has completed 30 years of teaching experience and serving as a Housemaster since 15 years.

Talking about his experience he says, “I always gave more than usual to whatever role I was given to play-Head of admissions, Head of department, Head of E-learning, Round Square representative, Tennis and hockey coach etc.

As a physics teacher, he says, “I desired to enlighten the students on how science has advanced and has made man’s life easier. As most of the students were first generation learners, I had to really make them realise the influence of physics in human’s lives in various forms. I walked an additional mile by taking students every year to NASA in the USA. Student have workshops at JF Kennedy space centre, Florida and space camp at Johnson Space at Huston, USA wherein they learnt some aspects of Space Science. The trekking and camping expedition in Darjeeling, Bhutan and north east taught me the social behaviour of the students outside four walls of the classroom.”

About being a boarding school teacher, he says, ” I get to know the real nature of the students- the personal likes and dislikes, the past joys and pains, the passion they have, the challenges they have met in life, the agony because they have lost a loved one, the kind of person they long to be etc. As a housemaster, I am in that position like a potter wherein I can mould them. I become more than a mere teacher and a parent. One must have that burning passion to be in that position wherein a student finds one trustworthy to open up his heart.”