Akash Raut on “Humanities, Online teaching, New Education Policy”

Akash Raut – Teacher of English, Humanities, Psychology, Management Studies, Communication Skills and Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor and Life Coach. He has recently been appointed as the Principal of FirstSteps IB World School, Chandigarh.

Akash Raut has been awarded with –

Young Teacher Award, Dubai 2018

Excellence in Education Award – New Delhi 2019, and

Young Leadership in Education Award – New Delhi 2019

When asked about the importance of learning humanities at school, Akash Raut says, “Humanities teach us about people, culture and our own lives. I  feel other subjects do it too but lack to deliver these aspects in the learners in a deeper sense. Also, humanities is more contextual and not content-driven.”

About online teaching, he says, “Online teaching is complementary to face to face teaching. I am personally enjoying it though human touch is missing. While communicating online, we interact with another human across the platform, and it is just about changing the parameters of teaching-learning. I conducted an online workshop for around 1500 odd teachers all over the country under my project called ‘Borderless Education’. I have been running this project since 2018 with an ambition to reach out to educators and learners around the globe, helping them become lifelong learners.”

Talking about New Education Policy, he says, “It’s a bit refined, balanced and child friendly. It gives a little bit of free hand to choose the subject of your choice after a certain grade to refine and focus on that subject. I also liked the teacher training program. They have made it a combined option after Grade 12 so that if you wish to become a teacher, you can take it up right after Grade 12.”