Sujata Bhadani on “Skill Education and its need”


Ms. Sujata Bhadani is a Leader, Educator and Teacher Educationist with a progressive view in delivering the best means of education to the learners who would be facing the challenges of the 21st century. Experienced Principal and Vice Principal skilled in English as a Second Language (ESL), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Classroom Management, and Lesson Planning. Am a Strong education professional with a Master’s degree and am focused in High School/Secondary & Diploma Programs. Ms. Sujata have worked as Director, Bihar School Programmes /Get a Plan 2023, at Going to School Bihar for almost 2 years. Her recent experience has been in the field of skill education and have taken charge of the programme which worked with the GOB. Before working at Going to school;She was the founder Principal of Manava Bharati International School,Patna. Here, she set up all the systems of the school from the day of initiation and was instrumental in taking the school ahead and making it a place of excellence. She was in the role of a Vice Principal at Radiant International School, Patna, where she was able to bring about an organised way of various cocurricular domains ‘ Ms. Sujata possess a vast experience of over 27 years in the field of education during which played an instrumental role as the HOD of the Department of English at Delhi Public School, Patna with which she has an association of over 15 years. Ms. Sujata formulated a number of beneficial programmes for school going children in order to enhance their grip over the subject and its utility in the 21st Century.

Topic Description:
Schools in India, at large, adopt an academic-centric model of Education. For the most part of schools, the learning process is confined only to classrooms. In fact, this process is more about gaining facts & less about learning. The very best way to address this problem is to introduce life-changing skill training in the school-based curriculum. Giving them some options at the onset of teenage gives them the chance to explore & learn more things beyond their textbooks & whatever is taught in classrooms. One more advantage of introducing Life skill for kids is that they get the freedom to choose at an early age. Skills like team-spirit, inquisitiveness, creativity, trustworthiness, sympathy, co-ordination, assertiveness and much more comes with life skill activities.
It is thus a process which helps children to build a stronger foundation for a thriving future on the academic as well as at the professional front.