Sreevidya Uppuluri on “Fun ways of learning new vocabulary”


Ms. Sreevidya is a Chemistry teacher and also doing freelancing work for E-learning companies.

The discussion will cover – Many times, we have encountered a few people whose speaking abilities and word choice have awed us. We would have been blown away by their personality and self-assurance. Where do you think they get their personality? It is from their strong vocabulary and the power of words they use to network with people that leave an unforgettable impression on us.

We occasionally come across people who discourage us from writing or speaking complicated words. They believe that vocabulary is simply a large collection of words that cause people to become confused.

Whatever one’s feelings are about the use of vocabulary, we all can agree that it improves our communication skills. To communicate more effectively in all areas, one must have a large vocabulary when writing and speaking. The most effective form of communication is the art of using the right words at the right time. Having a good vocabulary is all about choosing the right words.

Given how important vocabulary is for effective communication, the art of learning new vocabulary should be instilled in young children.

Learning new vocabulary is unquestionably boring for children. Teachers must make it interesting for students to learn new vocabulary in a variety of fun ways.

Meeting Time: February 1, 2022 10:30 am
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