Sonal Band – Aaryans World School, Pune

Sonal Band is the Principal of the Aaryans World School, Pune. She has been associated with the school since 9 years – ever since the school was established in 2007.

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As the major advantages of the school, Ms. Sonal points out:
· The school is located in a valley and it is an eco-friendly school.
· It has horses and cows and has an island with ponds, fishes, birds and cowsheds.
· The school is located in a totally pollution-less atmosphere.
· They see all plants, plantations, learn about their growth, report on them and even cultivate.
· They learn by doing.
· The school has up to 10th grade and is CBSE affiliated.

About the type of teaching offered in the school, Ms. Sonal says:
“We strongly feel the teaching actually is not necessary. Learning happens outside the four walls of the classrooms.” There is no need for blackboard and chalk concept and “we give them lot of exposure.” The school gives much importance to trekking as the school’s location has nearly 26 forts with architectural beauty and history. It is compulsory for all children to visit them by way of trekking. 9th standard children have almost completed visiting all the forts.

Extra-Curricular Activities
The school also offers lots of cultural events. Ms. Sonal believes that for the personality development of children maximum weightage should be given to their school life. When due platform is given to children, they come and shed off their inhibitions or their attributes can be enhanced.
The school conducts interschool and inter-house competitions. “I give preference to interclass competitions as that is where the average and below average get an opportunity to perform and their self-esteem is taken care.”
The school has over 500 species of flowers and they draw as per their observation and creativity. They do collage, collect lot of things and make sculpture in the class. It is not a guided activity. They explore themselves with their creativity and imagination.

About the sports activities in the school, she says “we give lot of weightage for that.” The school offers rifle shooting, adventure sports, cricket, football, athletics, commando net, river cross bridge etc. With all the amenities, the school charges only Rs. 32 thousand per annum. About 40% of the children have genuine interest and come regularly for the sports classes.

Girls Vs Boys
Aaryans World School is a co-education school and Ms. Sonal observes that less number of girls take part in sports activity than boys. She says that parents need to be oriented as the problems start with them. They have inhibitions that girls should be doing vigorous activities. Even if the girls are ready, have more stamina and calibre than boys, parents are proving to be hindrance. She made trekking a project and once the grades and marks are involved, automatically parents and girls got involved.

School Infrastructure
Talking about IT tools used in the school, Ms Sonal says that the school has “smart boards in all class rooms. We have got our software to teach students.” The school uses a broadcasting group system called “Happy Calling”. Using this, the parents are called by teachers when students do something nice and parents are too happy to receive such compliments from the teachers. That boosts up their confidence. “We have got lot of things happening in the class and share with the parents.”
The school does face challenges in hiring good teachers because it is situated in the outskirts of Pune. Since travelling is involved the family members are hesitant. Also the localites are not very good to be hired as teachers. Hence they have to look for teachers from other places.

The school has won many inter-school awards, particularly equestrian award as there are 16 horses in the school. As of now, it is not a boarding school but there are plans for the same. About her school days and the present day schooling, she says that she grew up with lots of restrictions. But she does not impose them on the children too much. She concludes, “Learning by doing surely helps. Teaching becomes very easy.”

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