Shanthi Menon – The Deens Academy, Bangalore

The Deens Academy, located in Whitefield, Bengaluru, was founded in 2006 and has Ms.Shanthi Menon as Founder Principal of the school for the last 11 years.


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The English-medium school offers a very conducive learning and teaching experience for students and teachers with its sprawling acreage, landscape, quiet neighbourhood, spacious buildings, ventilated classrooms apart from greenery all around. It aims at developing each child into a unique individual with great skills and aptitude. The curriculum kindles their curiosity and helps them learn all about the world.


What the school plans for children

· Ms. Shanthi Menon says, “the child is at the core of the school’s vision.”
· Creates a path for each child to explore his/her potential
· Our teachers do not get, but are taken through carefully designed training programmes
· Students’ needs are fulfilled by the teachers
· “An indigenously devised curriculum” to encourage curiosity, discussions, and get the children involved in the same
· Each Deenite gets the independence and “opportunity to make the right choices”
· Assigns varied tasks to suit individualistic aptitude and interest
· “Individual Learning Programs” to guide children keep raising their academic bar and to get a “non-threatening academic atmosphere.”
· “Extended learning service for children who are differently abled” to make the institute a truly inclusive centre of academic development
· Right from folding his own clothes to developing “leader ship, team spirit, dignity, and ownership for responsibilities undertaken.”
· Excellent opportunities to have fun, explore, and play
· Developing sense of responsibility by guiding them to face world and to judge “how they can contribute”
· Community service as part of the academics


Extra-curricular activities

· The school has an annual theme which focuses on society and many events are conducted based on that. Themes such as women empowerment, iClean, and Volume-Kum have been successfully worked on in the last few years. For 2017-18, the theme is Sthairyam or Sustainability. For this the primary section students will work on environmental projects and the rest of the school will focus on improving social and economic areas to improve.
· Apart from the above, Deens Academy also encourages imagination and letters from students and “brings out a memoir as it celebrates the Deens experiences in words and pictures in its annual magazine, aptly called an Explosion of Creativity, Orio Confetti.”
· Deenites also excel in creative music, performing arts, and sports.



The school has also won accolades from educational forums and institutions such as:

· Sirigannada Prakashana Chitradurga Certificate for School 2013 for the Best School Award in the State Level
· ’Best School Award – 2014’ by Akhil Bhartiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra (All India Citizens Development Centre)
· Winner in the category of Vision and Leadership – 2014 – 2015 presented by IBCI School Brilliance Awards 2015
· Awarded ‘India’s Top 20 CBSE Schools in 2015 – Ranked No. 3 in Bangalore and Ranked No. 10 in India for exemplary contribution to the Education Field’ presented by Education Today
· ‘School Excellence Awards – Top 20 CBSE Schools’ in 2015 present by Brainfeed in recognition of School vision and mission in imparting life changing learning opportunities and pre-eminence as a beacon of change for the future generation
· First Runner – Ignite your minds – The Leadership Event – Quest 2015 –  Organised by Global Awareness Program (GAP)
· Education Today – India’s School Merit – 2016 – 17 – At the 4th National School Merit Awards and Conference on K12 leadership by Education Today held at the Chancery Pavilion in Bangalore Deens Academy was ranked No. 10 in India, No. 3 in Bangalore and No. 3 in Karnataka in the category of the top 10 CBSE schools in India
· Assocham – Parent of School Innovation awards, 2017 – presented Deens Academy with the Jury Choice award in the Category – Parent Engagement (Jury) CBSE
Ms. ShanthiMenon is also the recipient of many awards for her contribution to society on the Women’s Day, 2011.
· ‘Ideal Principal Award 2011’ by Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra, Aurangabad
· ‘Excellent Educator’ award
· Award for Education Excellence 2011
· Women Leadership & Innovation Awards in the category of education
· ‘Life Time Education Achievement Award, 2015’ – International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi


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Deens Academy
ECC Road, Whitefield,
Bangalore – 560066


Phone: 080 – 28454691/ 080 – 28454464