Shalini Mehrotra – Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar, Haryana

Vidya Devi Jindal School, a leading girls’ residential school in Hisar, Haryana, was founded in 1984 and offers a unique rounded education to help students pursue their dreams to succeed in future. The school is highly creative, innovative, kindling curiosity in girls, developing their passions and encouraging them to try new things.


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The school has currently 770 students and has classes from IV-XII. Shalini Mehrotra has been the school principal since 2015. She would surely like her school to be known for the kind of student they send into the world and not how accomplished or otherwise the student is in her life’s many competitive endeavours.


Mission and vision:

· “To become a leading residential school known for providing a happy environment, which encourages fearless intellectual curiosity, learning through enthusiastic self-discovery and inspires a love for integrity, compassion and life.”
· Providing a secure multicultural environment
· Accepting challenges and improving performance
· Cultivating environmental responsibility
· Using varied strategies and techniques in technology for academic and co-curricular excellence
· Respecting every soul
· Attitude to compete with self and challenging one’s own potential


Opportunities for students

· Activities arranged inside and outside the classroom to give them the “never ending series of experiences… in all spheres of learning opportunities.”
· Sports activities such as swimming, synthetic courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball, shooting, gymnasium, soccer field, Hockey, badminton, and other sports to offer opportunities to promote sports and skills
· Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as sculpture, music, theatre, dance, debate, drawing, painting, theatre, creative writing, candle making, bird watching and art of living to hone life skills, apart from public speaking, cooking, discipline and etiquettes
· Student exchange program with many countries like USA, Australia, Japan, Canada etc to nurture Indian ethos to craft an identity of their own
· Every child is encouraged to go on state to participate in co-curricular activities to bring out their talents


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Developing communication skills

· The school believes in effective communication among all students and aims to be the “learning ground for our students”
· Interaction throughout the day by speaking their mind in all matters, extempore, recitation, read aloud, storytelling, debates, and news reading encouraged
· Participation in inter-school events at all levels all through the year to “help them gain confidence and strengthen their communication skills”


Efficient teacher system

Shalini Mehrotra says that teachers have the liberty to experiment their ideas and check the outcomes. A healthy “Teachers Competency Assessment and Development Program” helps in taking ownership to the growth and

The school motivates the teachers with incentives to perform better. The system focuses on student ownership, knowing what the students learn than what the teachers teach, and data-driven decision making.


Use of technology

· Judicious use of technology to ensure a safe educational environment for teaching and learning
· Wi-Fi with 33 access points, two internet lease line of 24 and 8 Mbps
· Classrooms with interactive boards, Operating system Windows 2010
· Personal MAC for teachers and senior secondary school students
· Online Learning Management Platform to share and transfer knowledge between teachers and students
· Online career counselling by Naviance
· Easy and fun way to learn mathematics by “Mind Spark”
· 117 desktop and 24 laptops with user ratio of 1:5

About the performance of the school, Ms Shalini Mehrotra says that Happiness Index is the yardstick to assess the performance. Motivating everyone to compete with oneself and “raising a bar for us to challenge our own potential” is the mantra of the school. The challenges are taken as opportunities to learn and grow, and not to lose hope.



· High pass percentage in class 12 and 10
· International gold medallist in Yoga won at Vietnam
· Participation in World Skating Championship with National gold medal won already
· Champions in IPSC Soccer, Skating, and Taekwondo
· Winners in Debating and Runners-up in English debate
· Performance Excellent Trophy by Indian Merchants’ Chamber
· British Council International School Award 2015-18 for fourth time
· First ranked boarding school in Haryana
· Accredited in Green School Category


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Shalini Mehrotra concludes that the school strives to meet the expectations of the parents in transforming the girls into women of worth with sensitivity, compassion, intelligence, and resolve, capable to making “difference in the lives of people around them”.


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Contact Details:

Delhi Road, Hisar, Haryana Pin – 125044

Phone No.: 01662-281000, 281001 (Reception)
Mobile : 098964-19611