Shaiju Cheriya Kummeri – Parent Eye, Bangalore

Shaiju Cheriya Kummeri, former Vice President of the American Bank, J P Morgan Chase, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Parent Eye – a school mobile app connecting parents, teachers and the school administration. In keeping with the growing needs for digital communication in school communities, Parent Eye was launched. The app instantly communicates regular relevant information directly to parents on their mobile devices. It also provides access to schools news, events, examinations, sports activities and so on.

Mr.Kummeri has over 17 years of experience in product architecture, web and mobile application development, cloud based solutions etc. After working with leading multinational corporates, Mr. Kummeri started his own technology company (Scientia Innovation Private Limited) to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. He has now successfully introduced Parent Eye to more than 100 schools and over 70,000 parents to effectively streamline communication and parental engagement.

About Parent Eye
Parent Eye is a mobile application platform that can be used by educators and parents. The app facilitates communication between the teachers and the parents. Parents can get the information related to the schools activities and their child via their smartphone. Parent Eye sends important everyday information about the student to the parents.

For Parents
The App sends out to parents:
* Home-works & Assignment Information with reference
* Reports on homework and submissions
* Progress Report Analysis -Textual and Graphical
* Transport Information – School bus tracking
* School circulars
* Fee reminder messages
* Attendance management and Reports
* Class and exam timetables
* Examination results
Student Profile Creation

Teachers can use Parent Eye to communicate the student’s progress to parents and parent, in turn can share their observations and feedback. Over time, the data accumulated via the exchange is used by the app to build up the student’s profile. Parent Eye provides all necessary tools and reports to enhance the school/parent relationship and continuously improve the quality of engagement.

For educators and school management
* The app provides a dedicated communication system for any communications with teachers, school office, principal or other departments.
* The Principal can send memos and notifications to teachers, non-teaching staff.
* Teachers can interact with each other
* Teachers can interact with parents
* School circulars may also be sent by head of the institution to parents, teachers and non-teaching staff.
* The app also incorporates school diary operations with delivery status and time bound alerts. This helps teachers send diary notifications to the parent and get an acknowledgment of the same.
* Teachers can send the all the events of the students in the school and their participation Photographs to the concerned parents through the School Notice board feature.

Mr.Kummeri talks about the challenges faced by them – “Technology adoption in any form in schools is a challenge. We made the product very simple and 100 % user friendly to eliminate the hurdles in the user adoption.”
Parent Eye is scaling up its operations in multiple cities in India in 2017. They have a well-defined road map of going global in the year of 2017-18.

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