Shagun Katyal on “Interpretation of Education”

Education is not about degrees, it’s about self-realisation and acquiring skills. Mahatama Gandhi was against the new education system but still, it was embraced. What we did was, we have the power to pull down the legacy of our languages and highlight a foreign language. It was not appreciated but again it came with its own perspective.
Today we are in a recreational mode to make the motives of education clear. However, no one talks about being innovative with literacy. Where are we heading to? Why are we under the subconscious standards that we are on the right track?
Wake up, understand we are in a rat race to come first but not to acquire knowledge but to evidently earn more money. Today education is equivalent to money. We have entered into a world of illusions where we are balancing the system. But are we? The question is simple but the answer is outrageous. We have created a system of pros and cons without analyzing the crux of the situation.

This meeting was held on November 25, 2021 11:00 am