Saurabh Deshwar on “Students well-being during Covid-19 and online learning”

Mr. Saurabh Deshwar is HOD Science & Exam Coordinator at Wuxi #1 high school Jiangsu China.

Due to Covid-19, schools across the globe close-down and went into an online mode to continue teaching and learning. Students across the countries are provided alternate resources to study outside the schools and classroom settings. Several online platforms are developed to meet the needs including the pre-existing are improved while some are built to soothe online learning. While parents are adjusting to this new reality, during covid-19 it’s also important to help students stay focused and avoid the overuse of multimedia including gaming websites, social sites and live streaming platforms.

Stressful, unpredictable time for everyone including students, teachers, school management, and obviously for parents. How we as teachers can provide a structure to support online learning without getting overwhelmed and giving stress to the students is essential. I want to address the issues students are having while spending much of their time facing computer screens to attend their online class and how we can make it less painful for both the parties; teachers and students.

Meeting Time: January 31, 2022 11:00 am
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