Santanu Das, Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore

Mr. Santanu Das heads the Sarala Birla Academy in Bangalore since past seven years. It is a residential school for boys.
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Student experience
Mr. Das says “Life at Sarala Birla Academy is a continuous adventure and the students play a big role in the functioning of our school.” They are always engrossed in activities such as the Annual calendar, monthly menu in dining hall, discipline, school publications, website design and arranging inter-school events.
Sarala Birla Academy aims in training students in such a way that they their contribution to society will be great. The school is only 11 years old and the students who have passed out of the school are yet to settle down.

School Features
· Splendid infrastructure with a lush green and sprawling campus
· Affiliation to 3 National and International Boards
· Association with prestigious bodies like Round Square, IPSC, World Peace Flame, British Council, College Board and IAYP.
· Unique bond that the children and teachers share

On how the teachers get motivated to achieve outstanding results in their subjects, Mr. Santanu Das says that the school is fortunate enough to have a splendid set of teachers who feel the best way they can contribute to society is by providing our children with the best upbringing that we possibly can. The school assesses the ability of the teacher by Annual Appraisal System that consists of peer appraisals, appraisal by HOD, House Master, Coordinator, and Principal. He says that finding good teachers with a mind-set to adapt to boarding school scenario is difficult but Sarala Birla Academy has a very low attrition rate.
The school is able to ensure the health, safety, and academic growth of students with the help of motivated staff, remarkable teacher-student relationship, a splendid management and a very supportive parent community.

About the IT tools used by the school, he says that IT tools should be used judiciously for learning and teaching. The school makes use of:
· Smart boards
· Projectors
· Computers
· ERP systems
· Software
· Web based services such as Turnitin and Questia

About his role as a principal, Mr. Santanu Das says, “I hardly feel like a principal – I am too busy being a parent to the wonderful children at Sarala Birla Academy. The joy and fulfillment of parenthood keep me going. The support and affection I get from my staff is incredible!. Life really has been very kind to me.”
The school has won International Schools’ Award by the British Council with 49 points out of 49 in the process.

The admission procedure involves:
· An entrance test to find out if a child will fit into the level he has applied for
· No Merit list or Cut off percentage
· Admission on first come first serve basis
· Discussion between the parents and principal on how the school will bring up the child and to make them partners in the education of the child.

About the challenges faced by him in running the school, he says there are plenty of various kinds of challenges and the same have to be tackled by being at peace and accepting them.
He says, “A Boarding school environment thrills me and the challenges pale into insignificance compared to the joys and fulfillments it provides.”

When asked about any particular incident related to school or students, he said there are many of them and “they are happening all the time,” sufficient enough to write a book.
Comparing his school days with the present one, he says the present day students are very knowledgeable and have many tools to help in studies as well as many distractions. Having studied in St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun, he feels proud of his alma mater.

He concludes saying:
“Many a times we make the mistake of being possessive about our children, of thinking they belong to us – they don’t really. They are society’s children and they belong to the future” as mentioned in Kahlil Gibran.
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