Sangeeta Kapoor – Principal – The Infinity School, Greater Noida

Sangeeta Kapoor, founder Principal of The Infinity School, is an educationist with over 25 years of experience. Besides having worked with different boards like CBSE, IGCSE and ICSE, she is also a trained IB-PYP facilitator. Her certification from Harvard Graduate School of Education and her experience in schools in India and in Dubai give her a global perspective in multicultural environments.

Kapoor shares her thoughts with School magazine….
My approach towards teaching is succinctly expressed in the words of Ignacio Estrada- “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Purpose of Education
The purpose of education is to develop both the brain and the heart. Education must be delivered in order to strengthen and develop a child’s mindset. It must aim to instill a love for knowledge, which builds virtue. Education does have an economic purpose such as job preparation but that is not its sole purpose. The purpose of education also is to develop awareness about our environment and empathy towards fellow beings.

Coaching centres
These days it is a trend for children to take admissions in coaching centres for scoring well in competitive exams, board exams etc. It is a debatable topic whether or not students should take up such confirmations. Yes, it’s a competitive world but tuition and coaching are not required till higher secondary (12th). If the school, along with its educators, administrators and the entire staff, dedicatedly focuses on constantly developing a child’s interest in studies, a child will never feel the need to join any coaching. The school must aim to cater to all his/her educational/learning needs. Besides, students should practise self-studies and make taking support from teachers at school a priority.
However, it is totally at the parent’s discretion whether their child needs guidance/coaching for any specific entrance exam. The coaching academies are definitely redefining the education system. Because of ever-increasing competition, students constantly feel stressed and pressured to achieve more. This beats the entire purpose of education. Education must never scare children. Students must enjoy the entire process of learning through education.

Recruiting teachers
Recruiting and retaining highly effective educators helps in rapid and dramatic improvement in an institution’s performance. As management, we put in an increased effort in order to recruit and retain excellent teachers. Frequently followed measures include teacher induction programs, professional development and various other supports for new and experienced staff. A sense of achievement and opportunities for recognition, advancement and growth are key to building and sustaining employee motivation — a critical factor in retention and our comprehensive annual appraisal, helping teachers understand their strengths, areas of improvement and their next steps forward is the back bone of our working culture. Our HR policy also offers financial incentives/purposeful compensations to retain such highly effective teachers. In order to support the process of retaining successful educators we must constantly redefine teacher’s role to the best of their capabilities.

Challenges faced by teachers
Balancing a wide range of student needs, educational trends, lack of teamwork, empathy, and support between students. Teachers play too many roles at the same time and so they do not have enough time to plan. They have to apply a prescribed curriculum to all types of students. Sometimes lack of parental support is a hindrance as well. Addressing these problems and bringing awareness to the educational environment that our teachers and students face daily, can help improve teacher retention, student success rates, and the overall quality of education in our schools.
In today’s time, a teacher’s job is a very demanding but unfortunately it is deep rooted in our mind-set that it is a convenient profession and best suited for females only. Thus, over the years this has resulted in lack of aspiration and motivation in the education industry. It is essential that not only we bring a change in our mind-sets but also in the entire mechanism of the industry.

As a School Head
Well, there are a number of daily tasks and responsibilities that we have to accomplish successfully to ensure smooth running of the institution. I enjoy my work as a Principal. And maybe that is why I do not face extensive or dominant challenges.
Yes, one thing that I have to constantly meet up to is our parents’ aspirations. As mentioned earlier, today parents are well informed, more inquisitive and focused in terms of their child’s learning. So, I make sure that we invariably fulfill their expectations.

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