Sandeep Kaur on “How can we support student-led learning in a class?”

Sandeep Kaur – PYP Coordinator, K.R Mangalam Global School, Delhi

Ms.Sandeep Kaur is the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator at K.R Mangalam Global School. Having previously worked at Heritage International Xperiential School and Pathways School, Noida, Ms. Sandeep has over seven years of professional teaching experience in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

Ms. Kaur has contributed significantly to the teaching community through her published blogs – developing a conceptual understanding of a system and Fostering agency in assessment. She has successfully conducted and shared best practices with over 100 teachers through national and international workshops on project-based learning, inquiry, balanced literacy, math in the real-world, etc.

Through her practices and workshops, Sandeep has always advocated honoring students’ choice and voice in learning and assessment. This has helped her to encourage her students to become independent, lifelong learners.

In this conversation, she said during the student-led learning activity, students will work in a small group and a single student will lead the group through a part of the activity. She spoke about how the projects are given in this activity and how they assess them stage-wise.

This meeting was held on March 31, 2021 5:00 pm