Sajna Hameed on “An integrated method using experiential learning and constructivism approach”

Sajna Hameed – Postgraduate (Master’s in Pure Mathematics, B.Ed, CBSE-CTET) has two decades of experience in various organizations, including NCERT’s Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) as associate researcher, ICAR-National Institute for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research NIAP as associate researcher, TANDEM Centre for Excellence as Lecturer in Mathematics, including more than a decade experience in teaching secondary level Mathematics at CBSE schools in Delhi and Hyderabad. She has expertise in framing and editing content scripts of Mathematics provided by IIT’s for senior secondary classes at (C.I.E.T) under (NCERT), New Delhi. And worked as a team leader by associating with subject readers, in developing educational TV programmes for senior secondary students.

She opines that experiential learning immerses learners in an experience and encourages reflection about the experience. Constructivism also provides opportunities for experimentation and promotes quality interaction.
She has successfully implemented active learning strategies in teaching concepts like applications based on Trigonometry, Areas and Volumes of solids etc. in her classes.
With her presentation, she showed that active learning strategies would motivate and engage learners in the learning process thus resulting in the enhancement of learning outcomes.
This meeting was held on April 30, 2021 12:00 pm