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Isha Home School is located amidst the tranquil surroundings of the Velliangiri Mountains near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Founded in 2005 by Sadhguru, the school strives to incorporate his educational approach into its day-to-day teaching process. It provides education for children upto grade 12.

Mystic, Yogi, Visionary and founder of Isha Foundation, Sadhguru has been a delegate to the United Nations World Headquarters as the primary speaker on International Day of Yoga in 2016, and addressed the Indian Economic Summit 2005-2008, World Economic Forum in Davos, and the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

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Meaning of education:
Essentially, education is about enlarging the horizons of human perception. But unfortunately today, education has slowly shifted into a mode where people believe it is about enforcing heaps of information. Information is useful in a certain way, but it is not going to make your life; it will earn your living.

He points out, the focus of education should not be about suppressive information but about kindling the thirst for knowledge. If the thirst for knowledge is kindled in the child, you cannot stop him from learning, he is going to learn anyway. But instead of kindling that, you are suppressing it and beating it down with your idea of what education is, because your idea of education is social status and money. So, slowly, these children – these joyful bursting pieces of life – become sad because you are just disorienting them completely with your compulsions.

When asked about the concept of teaching at Isha, he explains-
Children are encouraged to experiment and explore various subjects and develop an interest in them with teachers and house parents playing the roles of guides and mentors. Emphasis is placed on learning outside the textbook. Innovative methods of education, teaching mathematics using origami are combined with field trips to facilitate learning. So, here at Isha Home School, education is about enlarging a child’s horizons, not about giving ready-made answers, but about nurturing an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. And above all, it is for a child to know the joy of wondering about life.

Education without competition at Isha-
“Here, the most important part of education is not taught; it is a constant demonstration. All the teachers are dedicated people. They are volunteering full-time to make this happen for the children and they are hugely educated. So the key element of the school is the way everybody moves, the way everybody sits and stands and eats and does everything. The school follows the ICSE system, but the most important thing is the atmosphere, the ambience, the way it is. One thing you will see is the strength of the children. The mental strength of the child here is phenomenal.

Competition will make them determined and focused in one way, and at the same time, make them fearful of failure, fearful of being less than somebody else. Here, you will see the children don’t have that at all in them. Every one of them is a king by himself.”

Words of wisdom: True human capabilities will not find expression in competition. When you are trying to race with somebody you will think only one step ahead of them. You are not going to think of what your ultimate potential is. True human capabilities will find expression only in absolute relaxation. Your mind and your body will work best and find fullest expression only when you are joyful, peaceful and quiet within yourself.

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