Roopa Rao on”Positive psychology in education”

Roopa Rao – Trainer, counsellor and coach

Roopa Rao has 20 years experience in education, training, and administrative fields. Having done Doctorate in Computer Science, she also loves to train and help the public and young adults on interpersonal skills, communication skills & relationship skills. Her innovative and creative ideas have given birth to a new company – Ngen Soft solutions, which is in to online training, and software solutions, digital marketing, and training manual preparation. She has also founded Anuhya summer camp for children.

Through her presentation, she explained that positive psychology focuses on the positive events and influences in life, including happiness, joy, inspiration, and traits like gratitude, resilience, and compassion.
It teaches and examines the children’s behavior that can shape learning. It also helps teachers use measurements and assessments correctly to gauge where students are in their learning. She said that schools are still not open to include positive psychology as part of the curriculum in India.


This meeting was held on February 16, 2021 11:25 am