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Eckovation, located in New Delhi, is a social learning platform founded in July 2015. The team is “passionate about connecting students, educators, peers, corporations, and workers to enable dissemination of knowledge and information” and to offer high quality education and skill development to students. It is a combination of various ideas by the stakeholders who have great experience in teaching and collaborative education.

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Mr. Ritesh Singh is the CEO and Founder of Eckovation who along with Mr. Akshat Goel wanted to help children to get “access to education technology developed by universities in India and abroad.” They manage strategies for the platform.

Interesting features of Eckovation
· Interaction with fellow members continuously for students and educators to learn and grow “in an online social learning environment.”
· Collaborative education to build experience and quality of learning
· Positive changes already brought into education
· Innovative products and better service to society for knowledge sharing
· Discovering quality teachers
· Problem of providing content in local languages to suit local students by enabling “teachers to launch and run courses in their local community through our app.”

Program module
· Teachers “create virtual classrooms within a simple chat-like interface (such as Whatsapp)”
· Control on communication with teachers deciding on when to post during the virtual classrooms
· Tool kits to improve teaching “with quizzes, video tutorials, learning outcomes analytics.”
· On-boarding process simplified
· Personalized recommendation system that is based on region and interest

How to improve social learning
· Workshops in schools conducted to accept the transition to social learning
· Eckovation has created an impact in top ranked Delhi schools and the ones in remote areas
· Potential huge to help schools make the transition to effective teaching and learning

Features of the App
· Online notice board/school communication: with no upper limit on number of members in Eckovation everybody comes under a single group and get all information related to education
· Question and answers: Facility to have separate tab within the group not to miss any queries related to curriculum and school administration can monitor this to improve learning outcomes
· Videos: Teachers will record their videos and upload on Eckovation groups to benefit students to revise and complete homework. Video links from Youtube can also be shared to benefit them.
· Quizzes: Multiple choice quizzes can be uploaded by teachers for students to take tests. Teachers keep a track of students’ performance on various topics. Students also feel comfortable with online exams.
· Content: High quality videos and quizzes developed on topics of Class X board exam to benefit students all over the country. Quizzes assist the schools to assess students
· Open learning groups: With more than 1000 open learning groups on topics such as UPSC, CAT, IIT JEE, NEET, programming languages etc., the user of the App will have access to many groups in the course of time.

Future Plans
· Initially to penetrate the platform all over India
· Then to get global expansion to be the one stop platform for any kind of learning

· Slow internet connection
· Very low digital literacy but the product is simple enough to create interest

· Access to all top schools and low income private schools which very few companies have achieved
· Persons like scientists, doctors, and IITians with interest in teaching contacted for the program
Mr. Ritesh Singh feels,”key factors which are ensuring success of the platform in schools and education community” include demand for good education, easy use of product, and success stories across stake holders.

For more information, please visit: www.eckovation.com
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