Ravinder Singh Bidhan- STEM Educator Agilo Research Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

Hailing from Haryana, Ravinder Singh Bidhan, a passionate educator, is currently working as STEM educator at Agilo Research Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad. Equipped with an M.Techdegree, he is also a qualified UGC-NET in Electronic Science. He recently got selected as Mentor of Change (Atal Innovation Mission).
Agilo Research Pvt Ltd develops hardware, do-it-yourself kits, curriculum, software etcrelated to STEM education. Ravinder has been working here since January 2018. He feels that basic education is the foundation for growth in any country. India is still using conventional methods of teaching as whatever he studied in his school days are still found in books. Whenever he reads an education policy,there are plenty of ideas and suggestions but nothing is being executed. Hence, he wanted to do something to bring about a change.

Technology and Education
Ravinder feels that science and technology are going to be the main source for new jobs in the future. Since STEM fields have the same effects as arts or humanities, STEM skills will bring about a great economic impact. The Indian government is currently promoting initiatives such as Skill India, Digital India, and Make in India to promote manufacturing, skill development, and technology usage. At this juncture, the STEM will be an integral and essential part of education in the country.

STEM Safari
• The institute has developed a curriculum called STEM Safari where children can explore places like Coding Caves, Digging Deeper with Microscopes, The Electronics Hilltop, Craft Land, The Glider Gorge, The Robotics Ranges, 3D Printing Plateaus,The Sensors Seashore and a lot more interesting stuff.
• It is a blend of various technologies and has been designed based on the child’s age and capability.
• The institute has not tried for any approval from any board as it is a very tedious process.
• The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it adjusts easily with the already existing ones.

Assessment of students in STEM methodology
When a student takes up STEM Safari, he visits The valley of Exams & Battleswhere he works on many hands-on STEM activities. He will be assessed based on the timetaken, correctness, competitiveness, team spirit, and demonstration.
Ravinder feels that the traditional examination system has to be changed if the traditional teaching methods are to undergo any change. Situation Reaction Tests have to be included in the examinations and more importance should be given to practical work rather than theory. It is because students can learn better by experiences than by reading and memorizing.

Inhibition towards Science Subjects

Subjects like History can be understood by reading but science needs more than theory and little experiments. This is the main reason why students find science subjects tough. They need to do as many as possible hands-on activities using online resources such as www.instructables.com where concepts are described very clearly.
Ravinder thinks that the underrepresentation of girls in STEM fields could be due to the orthodox mindset of parents but he points out that the ratio of girls in STEM fields is improving in recent times.
To him, an ideal science department should be one that focuses on exploring the syllabus and encouraging everyone to keep trying repeatedly. Students have to get new ideas and make efforts to change conventional methods.

On competitive Exams
Ravinder points out that competitive exams are really helpful to students as they can get admission to many prestigious institutions but they are also harmful if the parents and teachers project these exams as the only way to success. Though a tough task to handle the situation, awareness events can be arranged to make the parents and teachers understand that it is not the only option for the youngsters.

For more information, please visit: https://evive.cc/https://thestempedia.com/

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