Rathna Sindhur – English Teacher – Appollo National Public School, Bangalore

“Education should be as gradual as a moonrise, Perceptible not in progress, but in the result.” With this motto in view, Appollo National Public School (ANPS), Bangalore, works towards mixing knowledge and skill and offering a curriculum to achieve high levels besides helping students become knowledgeable citizens of the country. The school was started in 2004 and is affiliated to CISCE, Delhi and depending on the development of the brain, learning methods are followed.

Rathna Sindhur is associated with the school as an English teacher. She thinks English is the language which is capable of expressing the finest shades of thought and feeling. She wanted to take up teaching English because:

  • Of her desire and passion for innovative teaching
  • She wants to mould the minds of the students by teaching
  • Feels that a teacher can teach a code of conduct, value systems and ethics to students
  • A teacher can demand the highest respect from the students which no other profession can provide

Uniqueness of ANPS

  • Well known for academic excellence and collaboration with British Council for establishing global standards
  • Follows modern method of teaching with a practical approach with syllabus different from being generic and focusing on the all-round development of students.
  • Exposure to various cultures and educational strategies
  • Students are prepared for facing ICSE examination to come up with best academic results, year after year

Role of English language

  • English is the automatic choice for everyone to connect with others
  • Indians have been taught English even at the school level
  • Special attention is of course needed to acquire command over the language
  • Outlook, vision, and knowledge will be acquired by learning English
  • Interaction with various strata of society becomes easy with knowledge of English

Making English lessons interesting

Ratna Sindhur says that teachers must know the aim of the lesson, how learners will benefit and how it will be related to the students before starting the lessons. Her classes focus on how to make the lessons enjoyable and attractive to students. She aims at keeping the class engaged with a focus on personal, and social development, better attitude towards society, and help in choosing the best books.

Ratna Sindhur uses a holistic approach in teaching but not compartmentalize it. With an integrated approach to teaching, things fall in place and students are excited as also the teachers.

The best talents of students are exhibited as they are taught to face challenges through real-life situations. Students are taught to interact with the society by means of various activities. She teaches students to understand that God is one, humanity basis of all religion, to believe in God and to avoid negativity which helps them to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Employment opportunities

Since a good command over the language helps in effective communication, English students get opportunities to work in magazines and newspapers, schools, radio or film society. Skills acquired through language, work experience and extracurricular activities improve the job prospects.

Ratna Sindhur concludes saying that teacher-student relationship is considered the highest relation ever recorded in history. For her, it is a great day when student assimilates thoughts, follows it and spreads it all over the world.

For more information, please visit: http://www.appollonps.com/

Contact details
Appollo National Public School
# 125/1, U Block, Bhavani HBCS Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage
Bangalore – 560-085
Contact: 26690024 / 26692847
Email: rathnasindhur@gmail.com