Radhika Rele on “Paradigm shift in education”

Ms. Radhika Rele is Vice Principal, Akshara International School, Pune, Maharastra,

With the new normal comes, new methods and new angles of looking at education. Many more tools are available and many more avenues are available for the transfer of information. The learner’s profile and learning style will be the key areas that will define the future of learning as we know it. The Paradigm shift from teaching to learning has been advocated for a very long time now, but with the new normal, Technology-driven education, hybrid mode or blended learning, the learning styles and the learning skills will define the methodology in education. Many methods are adopted by educators to bring more focus on learning rather than teaching, like the PBL method, Competency-based education, Experiential learning, etc. Most essential is to understand the learner’s profile and the process of active learning. Also, the parent, who up till now, was taken backstage in children’s education will now take center stage and be actively involved in the children’s education. Parents will no longer be only a monetary resource for the children’s education but they will also be an active member in the students learning process.

This meeting was held on January 7, 2022 11:00 am