Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta – PROGRESSIVE EDGE Pre-School, Pune

Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta, an engineer by qualification, a serial entrepreneur and zealous Training Consultant in Life Skills, is the founder of Progressive Edge, a Pune based pre-school with centres in Baner and Koregaon Park.

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Importance of Preschool Education
Ms. Gupta says, “90% of the brain develops by the age of 6. Early years of life is the time when we learn the most basic activities of life. In today’s set up of nuclear families, kids spend all their time either with the mother or with helpers. Providing children variety of exposure, giving them opportunities to play, fight, fall with other kids and learn life skills becomes limited in this environment. This is where preschool becomes the safest and the best option for child’s learning.”

Skills required in 2040 – Design Thinking and More!
“Skills required in 2040 has been an area of interest for us for the past couple of years”, says Ms. Gupta.”Having been in the corporate sector with top MNCs, education sector and simultaneously training corporates gives me an understanding of the exact gap between real life skills required to excel in career & life and the ones our education system imparts. With the pace at which technology is changing our lives, we believe that creativity and innovation are among the top priority skills to be imbibed in young generation. But, with the easy access to information via technology, creativity in young generation is being stunted.

The Design Thinking Concept came as an effective tool in teaching methodology and problem solving skills for life. The ability to survive in any situation and reaction to a problem defines a winner. Design Thinking gives a clear approach towards finding the root cause, identifying the best solution and also implementing it while keeping the focus on the end result.

I specialize in Design Thinking & train the students and faculty in top schools across India like Daly College, Emerald Heights, Indus International, Doon School, etc.
Our school PROGRESSIVE EDGE is the only preschool in India that implements design thinking in teaching and learning metholology.”

Future Skills and Emotional Quotient
Future Skills and importance of Emotional Quotient are two of the most important topics to discuss with kids. The future of machines and how they will change our lives by the time they grow up is important to know and prepare for. Jobs of the future are going to be completely different than today; so the skills.
Kids get very intrigued with these topics and should be encouraged to explore. With machines taking over most of the jobs, emotions will be one thing that will set us humans apart. Managing emotions, creating new things, solving real world ever changing problems, creativity and innovation are the future skills which need more of EQ than IQ.

Programs At School
As part of school, we expose kids to 5 different languages – English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi and Japanese. We use SMART board to reinforce visual learning to the kids. We have integrate Montessori activities in the curriculum to help train kids all the basic life skills.

We provide our kids regular opportunities to be on stage and present from early age so that they do not even know the concept of stage fright. Being working moms, we understand the challenge and hence have the best in class day care for kids with daily structured activities like Sanskrit, music, Dance, Reading Club, Indian Classical Music, Abacus, Olympiad training, Homework assistance and Chess classes.

We also have an excellent Mother Toddler Program for early years. We are now coming up with programming skills for kids as part of our future skills initiative.

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