Prapulla B – IBDP Chemistry Educator – The Indian Public School, Coimbatore

Prapulla B is an IBDP chemistry HL & SL, a TOK teacher and a CAS advisor at The Indian Public School, Coimbatore which follows the International Baccalaureate Programme – PYP, IGCSE and the IBDP.

Prapulla talks to School Magazine in an exclusive interview:

Being a passionate teacher, I always affirm, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”- Albert Einstein.

My dream of becoming a teacher has grown through years since I was a student. Inspired by few of my great teachers, I often envisioned students who would come to class thriving for the information that I was prepared to provide them that day. And I always wanted to help students learn who struggled, and seeing the excitement in a student’s eyes when they finally understood the content.

Impact of Teachers
My English teacher, Ms.Chitra Govindraj and my sports coaches have played a great impact, they were a bit strict, but their principles and discipline have been a great inspiration. They have helped me gain confidence in public speaking, which helped me become a debater.

In sports, I was able to represent my state through the guidance of my sports coaches – every time I have lost the match, they were with me, boosting my confidence and motivating me to work hard.Through various activities, all my teachers have shaped me to become what I am today.

My First Job
This is my first teaching experience – while I was pursuing my Master’s degree in Chemistry I was offered this job through campus placements. Driven by my dreams, I took this and it has given me a lot of learning to life.

Practical applications of Science
Being an experimental science teacher, I encourage my students to learn through the sense perception which involves observation skills and makes their thinking more research oriented. This involves relating the concept to the daily life activities such as simple diffusion, Brownian movement, weak acid-base reactions etc.

By motivating students in the qualitative data collection in the every-day life activities promote practical skills in the students, which I follow in my classes.

Fear of STEM Subjects
Initially students find it bit difficult as STEM is an interdisciplinary approach of math into science, technology and engineering, but as they get through the applications of it, they enjoy studying robotics; and STEM is more than just a grouping of subject areas. It is a movement to develop the deep mathematical and scientific underpinnings students need to be competitive in the 21st-century workforce.

In class, it is a bit challenging when we cater to students of different goals and ambitions, but this movement goes far beyond preparing students for specific jobs. STEM develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. STEM isn’t a standalone class—it’s a way to intentionally incorporate different subjects across an existing curriculum.

On Coaching Centres today
In my opinion, I would define them as a business and an addiction of social status to parents rather to the child. Even without considering the child’s potential, parents enrol them at famous coaching centres available in their cities, which just run after the scores in MCQ papers and not focus on the reality of the current requirement of the generation.
They are not redefining the education system in India, but influencing the majority of the parents and misguiding them.

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