Parinita Gohil- Learning Delight, Rajkot

Learning Delight, located in Rajkot, is a company that offers digital learning tools to students and schools. It works on transforming the text books into “animated, digitized content” to be imparted to children via LED screens in the classrooms.
Parinita Gohil, Harshal and Vandan are the partners of the firm and found the “disparity in the quality of education between rural and urban areas” very disturbing. This prompted them to start the company. They wanted to “put the delight back in the process of learning.”
Gohil explains that they provide “Teacher-centric software tool to help teachers meant to aid teachers in a classroom through the use of technology they already have in their schools.”

Teaching and learning process is highly interactive and full of fun for both the teachers and students. The sole motto of Learning Delight is to remove any barrier with regard to location or other facilities.

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Unique features of Learning Delight
· Very region friendly and can be accessed despite low or no internet connectivity
· Introduced “alternative teaching aids such as animation, riddles, puzzles, and stories that are aligned to support teachers and enhance the quality of student engagement”
· Teacher-centric software tool to help teachers by means of technology
· Issues such as language barrier, resistance to change teaching methodology, reluctance to use technology and internet connectivity are addressed
· Offline software installed via DVDs in school’s computer lab so no dependence on internet connectivity
· E-books for classes up to 8 that includes audio, pictures, animations, and text as per Gujarat board syllabus
· Activity section has videos to understand various concepts
· Games section with simulations making tough topics “fun and easy to grasp”
· Language section has grammar for English and local language
· Value Education section with animation of moral stories like Panchatantra
· Health section with emphasis on healthcare and first aid for students
· Q & A section for “regular assessment and focus on their academic growth”
· Accountability, efficient maintenance and measuring performance for each installation
· Installations, training of teachers, workshops with teachers and students and inter-school competitions are arranged.

Advantages for Gujarat schools
· Tools “are currently functional in over 9000 rural government schools spread over 13 districts of Gujarat.”
· Learning Delight program has helped in improvement of IT literacy in rural areas.
· It helps in reducing the gap “on the digital divide in the state.”
· Better learning and improving interest among students
· “It has motivated teachers and empowered their teaching experiences”
· Teachers gain more confidence to handle digital tools while teaching in the classrooms
· “Partnered with Rotary International in Gujarat under their T.E.A.C.H initiative to spread the literacy via Learning Delight project in various districts of Gujarat state.”

Future Plans
· With about 32 thousand rural and semi-rural schools in the state, “there is ample ground to cover here over the next year. We also plan to extend our reach to neighbouring state over the next year as an immediate target.”
· Plenty of queries from individuals who want to sponsor schools are received and a platform will soon be launched to facilitate such contributions.
· Ultimate goal is to “empower each and every rural school in India with the Learning Delight software and support the government’s initiative to digitize rural schools all over the country.”
Harshal and Vandanwant to”Be a part of the change that rural and semi-urban India is undergoing currently.”

For more information, please visit:
Contact details:
Learning Delight Vansiro House, 30 Karanpara
Rajkot 360001 Mob: 96620 35233