Nitesh Madhukar on”Cyber safety and security”

Nitesh Madhukar – PGT Computer Science, Holy Mary International School, Kolkata
In this talk, Nitesh Madhukar spoke about the essential elements of cyber safety which is fundamentally knowing the electronic device which we use and how it’s connected and what it’s connected to. 

He also focussed on how should parents teach their kids about this and help them abide by good cyber safety practices, since children will probably encounter people that claim to be someone but are not actually the person they claim to be.

He tells parents to engage their children in conversations: “So what are you doing with the device?” Ask them questions like, “Whom are you friending? Do you know who your friends are or do you just friend anybody? How do you keep track of who your friends are? How do you focus and pay attention in your daily learning? These are topics that are relevant to adults as much as children, so really in asking these questions parents are setting the stage for their kids to become competent adults in the digital age.

To be specific–he says, first parents need to become good users themselves of IT devices

This meeting was held on April 13, 2021 3:00 pm