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Tulipians, a preschool based in Kolkata, was started by Mr. Nirmal Verma with a vision to teach children to take care of their own life and to become creative and competent persons in the world. They will enjoy the freedom of choice to claim responsibility for all their actions. They will also learn to appreciate the beauty, leadership and teamwork.

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Importance of a preschool education
· The child understands how to get out of the separation anxiety “and learns to become confident and independent.”
· He also learns the basic foundations of achieving academic and all round development, and learns to build his self-esteem.
· The child learns to communicate with people around and the knowledge and skills he develops in these formative years impact his life later.
· He gets improved on social skills, less behavioural problems and higher grades without any special attention.

How Tulipians is unique
· Tulipians have the “passion and vision with which a brand is created and how much the team is passionate in delivering.”
· They admit various groups of kids: Mommy with 8 months and above, where the mother and baby can be in the school for two hours twice a week,
· Transition levels starting from 1 year to 5.5 years
· The Smart Hub for kids to “indulge in activities like arts, crafts, dance, storytelling, recitation, yoga, and speech therapy.
· Quality teachers are created using programs like International Montessori Teachers Training accredited by IAO, USA.
· Curriculum designed after research and methodology called “Chryslide”
· Montessori part of teaching techniques
· Teachers who treat each child as their best friends
· Celebrating major festivals to teach children the Indian traditions and culture

Safety and health of children
· Tulipians ensure safety of students using measures like CCTV monitoring, well-trained teachers and staff, security guard, close monitoring of children, and no sharp toys or instruments.
· Making teachers work against child abuse
· “Encouraging healthy eating habits, providing parents with healthy diet plans and tiffin for kids, having hygienic and clean washrooms.”

Students’ experience
· Students thoroughly enjoy coming to the school
as no pressure is given to the children and the
environment is child-friendly.
· All the requirements of the children are identified and attended to.
· Children are encouraged to participate in all the activities and learn interactive and activity based learning than rote learning.

Encouraging children with special needs
All possible ways are followed to encourage children with special needs. Experience-based therapies are used to improve their skills. They are motivated in the integrated environment with special educators to achieve 100% success rate. Therapies and academics are customized to suit each child. “Developmental observations are maintained.”

Major challenges
· Getting training and qualified teachers to teach pre-schoolers
· Creating awareness among parents about early childhood education
· Limited infrastructure provisions and spaces

Mr. Nirmal Verma, when asked about the good topics to discuss with the pre-schoolers, says, “The learning should cover topics related to everyday life on the one hand and to the world around us on the other.”
To conclude he says, “We are highly recommended by the top doctors in Kolkata as the best environment for both normal and special kids. We wish to continue the dedicated work and now in this process are ready to expand our preschool horizon and are giving franchises.”

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