Nirmal Verma – Director – Kidzee Tulips, Kolkata

Finding the right pre-school is probably the first major ‘life-impacting’ decision for parents. Education is
the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. The major challenges India is facing in preschool education is firstly the awareness, necessity and importance of preschool education both in urban and in rural areas. Recently, we had a chance to interview the Director of Kidzee Tulips, Kolkata, Mr. Nirmal Verma.
Kidzee Tulip2-1a
Founded in 2006, Kidzee Tulips is a Preschool, in Kolkata. Mr Verma started The Tulipians Academy for the kids with special needs in 2014. He is proud of both the set ups where he is providing quality education with growth and development for the children. He has a decade of experience in early childhood education and shared with us some of the keys to his success.

The journey has been challenging and gratifying at the same time. Challenging because as an educationalist my vision is to implement the latest teaching skills and techniques in my preschool environment, where each child could actually learn and grow as an enlightened individual, where the potentialities of each child coming to us could be well identified and developed to the maximum. To achieve this goal I had to work towards building an equally motivated, passionate, dedicated and qualified team, which also I successfully acquired soon.

Our efforts in the preschool sector were well applauded and recognized and then started the journey of awards and accomplishments. In my schools, we encourage healthy competition amongst the teaching staff by laying down parameters for best delivery and the teacher of the month is appreciated in the monthly staff and management meetings. Annual appraisals are complemented with rewards for the best staff members, both teaching and non-teaching. There is regular upgradation in my schools for effective teaching and learning. In each academic year we assess the need and requirement where we can introduce the latest techniques so that learning is more fun and child friendly. We implement concepts of e-learning, talking pens, lap books and activity oriented programs are highly encouraged. Teachers undergo regular refresher training programmes. They are updated and well informed about the latest methodologies introduced.

The young generation is ever so ready to receive knowledge on anything and everything. The topics introduced to them cannot be rigid or framed, rather we adults need to gear up to answer their queries and to satisfy their ever growing thirst about knowing too many things.

Key Factors for Safety
Training and Seminars on V-CARE are conducted for the staff and parents so that child abuse of any form is completely discouraged and my preschools are child abuse free zones. CCTV monitoring ensures further safety inside and outside the classrooms. Use of escort cards and id cards is mandatory during dispersals and during outdoor activities. Regarding health, we share a suggestive diet chart with the parents to ensure healthy eating habits.

Academic growth
Academic growth is monitored through regular observations and assessments which activity based. Interactive sessions like talk time and group activities help to understand the academic growth.

Happy Learning
The experiences at school are a memory for life. We make sure that at all times, coming to school is all about happy time spent with happy people called teachers.
Story telling sessions, fun activity based day celebrations, outdoor field trips all add to joyous learning experiences at school.

Ready to face the world
They are encouraged to talk and are taught to express themselves and conduct themselves according to the environment they are in. We not only concentrate on the academics but also on the overall development and social interaction of our students. Keeping this in mind we introduced the concept of grooming the kids as Tulipian Jockeys.

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