Shallu Babbar on “Preparing Schools to design a quality assurance framework”

Mrs. Shallu is founder member of Editude, a project of Doon Global School which aims to strengthen school systems and processes. Being part of the Educational Consultancy Group, she carries out academic & non-academic Audits of Educational Institutes. She is also responsible for Leadership Mentoring, improving Teacher Skilling, Curriculum Designing, and Content Development. Her journey from a Teacher to a Principal and then an Educational Expert has been an enriching one. She has been fortunate to work in schools across the country and be shaped into an Educational Leader. She has led prestigious schools like Ashoka Universal School and GD Goenka International School as Principal. Presently she is based in Dehradun and is working closely with K12 Schools towards creating a futuristic and progressive curriculum. She is an adventure enthusiast, a backpacker, a qualified Scuba Diver, and an avid trekker. She loves to read and travel.

National Education Policy 2020 proposes the revision and revamping of all aspects of the education structure, including its regulation and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the aspirational goals of 21st-century education.
In this session, we discuss how schools can ensure quality governance framework through audit and self-assessment while encouraging innovation and out-of-the-box ideas.

This meeting was held on November 15, 2021 11:00 am