Mithan Subbiah, Founder- PaperArtz, Bangalore

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What happens when a child is given a crayon, chalk, pencil, pen or any writing or drawing instrument, the first thing that happens are doodles… in the forms of lines, circles, all free flowing expressions with no one to tell the child that its right or wrong … pure art.

Parents are excited on the new found activity and the world becomes the child’s canvas. Walls, floors, furniture… but do we let that be? In years to come, specifications on what color should go where are fed to her…The sun should be yellow, the sky blue etc. and thus the sense of creativity tends to get lost in the process we call art. The lines need to be straight, who draws a triangle window? Can the river be red? No it should be blue, mountains brown…this conditioning creates a tunnel in the child’s mind and anything else becomes a big no-no!

Can you enjoy art … for art sake? Yes…Using your hands to express yourself on paper, clay, colors is a magical journey…at your own pace, helping you emote… What words can’t say- your art can express in a thousand ways. One doesn’t have to be a Picasso to enjoy the activity. It’s therapeutic; it nurses the right side of brain, which is hardly given any attention. It’s the seat of emotional perception, intuition and creativity. The left side of the brain is pampered, as that’s where the math, science & logical thinking takes place.

Art in schools is a subject that needs to be celebrated, it definitely should not be a period which is the first to get substituted when the math portions aren’t completed. Art is where subjects can actually be taught…Shapes, forms, textures, variations of materials etc. It’s an integral part of multiple intelligence…tactile,spatial, cognitive skills are honed. Research shows that when both hemispheres work in sync, lateral thinking across subjects takes on a whole new meaning, and learning is an upward graph.

At PaperArtz, we work with childrens’ art and with no rules, no competition, just the way you like to draw it. We get them in thousands, and each is a masterpiece in its own right. The colors are vibrant, the shapes, the mood, the joy, the sadness, the anger, the confusion, all can be witnessed in these little sheets of color pallets. Blue trees to yellow rivers, pink mountains to red sunflowers…the list is endless. We do have the perfectly designed pieces too, that is art according to us… And hats off to parents and teachers who have let that purity stay putt in the child.

Think out of the box is what we tell our kids, and we forget it does start with Art…
Kids who are exposed to art have their collars up in more ways than one.
Here are a few…
· To think openly and creatively
· Children are more expressive and can visualize and explain things better
· They are aware that there are more than one view and solutions to the same problem
· Art is the new way to learn geometry
· Group art leads to team spirit and appreciation of a joint effort
· Art is an open book of world / state cultures
· Art builds confidence as there is never a perfect answer in your art work…your work will always be an original
· Observation skills are higher in kids who experiment with art
· Children tend to show a keen sense of flow in what they do in other walks of life.
· Show a great sense of tolerance, as no art can be judged; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Children who are in expressive art could be anything from food decorator to designers for props for the school plays to executing ideas and stepping up the thought process. These are the very kids who bloom to be product designers, food engineers, visual merchandisers for stores, fashion, cinema… industry needs are endless.
With art as a expression, we are bringing to the world a new generation of “ideators”, kids who will think out of the box, use their minds and hands to create, invent, innovate, mold, accept, modify. These kids are our future & they are here to change forever our view of the color spectrum for the better!

“Printing Your Art… to Support Our Community…”

As told by Mithan Subbiah, Founder- PaperArtz, Bangalore