Megha Saban on “Scienceploitation” on social media”

“Scienceploitation” on social media
Science is complex, hard, and important, but it is a system of discovery that needs to be verified/confirmed/ established by proof.
So can we trust it?
Scientific community makes people stuck in awe by its discovery, be it the unmeltable ice cream, the discovery of polyethylene oxide( self-pouring liquid), or how ‘Lava-Lamp’ proteins may help cells cheat death.
Evidences can overturn a theory and pave way for a new one.
As Dame Athene Donald said, “In science, a genius never works alone,” scientific work is peer-reviewed before publication. Many discoveries have been proved incorrect as the experiment was not replicated. The discovery of N rays, cold fusion, etc.
But a common person is prone to accept a scientific finding without judging it. Ex the Sebamed ad controversy where Science is inappropriately used for marketing or Donald Trump’s speech where Science is used to cure Coronovirus erroneously.
Questions to explore
Is scientific truth a real truth?
Flaws in the scientific method
Role of evidence in producing knowledge in Sciences
How might we, as members of the public, judge whether to accept scientific findings if we do not have detailed scientific knowledge?

Meeting Time: February 10, 2022 12:30 pm
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