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Doon School, American School, G.D. Goenka School and St. Joseph’s School, Bangalore are few schools availing benefits from this camp

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Major Yadav is the Managing Director of Wanderlust Camps established in 1989. He operates 5 adventure camps in various locations and the closest one called Waterbank is near Delhi. All the activities conducted in these camps are adventure oriented. Wanderlust has won 4 national awards and is deemed as no:1 in adventure sports with sport activities like bungee jumping, hot air balloon, para-sailing etc. TUI rating has been awarded for its safety measures during camps.

Major Yadav mentions that they conduct adventure sports activities and various events. He says, “In the camp near Delhi, we have got about 22 adventure activities already fixed and they are exciting.”

For school children they have specific fixed program for a day or overnight. Here:
* When they come, have welcome drinks.
* Go for adventure activities such as fishing, rafting, rock climbing, running, commando net, rope bridges, and rope walking etc.
* “After lunch, we have lighter activities such as treasure hunt, paintball etc.”
* In the night, after dinner, “we have campfire, star gazing, star navigation etc.”

This is the general program but the organization asks the school faculty if they need any change in the program and they make accordingly. While one camp is near Delhi, one is in Dhanaulti and two are near Kulu and Shimla.
About the prerequisites for participating in the camps, Major Yadav says that when they give presentation to schools, it depends on the categories of children and that they have adventure activities accordingly and these adventures have fun element. Activities include sumo wrestling, boxing etc. He assures that the activities are different from the run of the mill. These activities are ones which they do not get to do in normal life and conducted by trained faculty. The children at the end of the day go back happily having enjoyed themselves. Some of the schools that come to Wanderlust are Doon School, American School, G.D. Goenka School and from down south, St. Joseph’s from Bangalore. Major Yadav says they do corporate training also.

About safety of children when they come for the adventure activities, Major Yadav says:
· When students come for the camp, they are divided into small groups depending on the age
· They are given funny names like lion, tiger, cheetah, etc.
* “Each group will have one instructor from our side as team leader and one boy from among the students will also be a leader.”
* If there are 22 activities, “we ensure at the end of the day, they have done all the activities and are at no rush at any point of time.”
* Lunch is also provided and there won’t be any rush.

Six camps are conducted all through the year except for rafting which is closed during monsoon from Mid-June to Mid-September.

Major. Yadav says that schools are given the option to go for day trips or overnight stays. In Delhi they have day trips. Schools that are within an hour’s drive can come in the morning and go back in the evening. In other camps like Dhanaulti, people take their own time, one or a few nights’ stay.

When asked about the cost of the camp, Major Yadav says that for a 7 days 6 nights trip, it would cost approximately Rs. 14,000 including everything. He says that one day trips are cheaper starting from Rs. 899 to 1299 or 1399 and will include a welcome drink, lunch, snacks, and 22 activities without any hidden costs. The organization allows anybody to join the camp in one of the groups. Those who are less than 15 years of age are not entertained.

About building leadership quality during camps, Major Yadav says that they have corporate training program also. They focus on leadership quality, initiative team bonding, and team building. “They go to Ravli Hills, look for clues, from one clue to another, they work as team, come back as team.” In Delhi, “we have a lake so we have boating race, water-based activities, and raft building with bamboos and barrels…It all depends on what the schools or corporate want to bring out of this.”

Major Yadav concludes that the clientele coming to his company are schools and corporate. For corporates, when the activities are done, they have barbeque, bonfire, music etc. For school children after the activities are over, they have bonfire and music sessions. He says generally before breakfast, they are taken on a trek to Garwal hills, and are encouraged to do artificial rock climbing. At the natural rock near their property, if the members want more challenging activities, they are arranged.

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