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A registered charitable trust, The Bangalore School of Music and Fine Arts, was founded in early 1987 by
Aruna Sunderlal, one of the few trained operatic and classical concert singers in India with the sole aim of molding the younger generation into focused, disciplined, cultural ambassadors who will heal our broken societies and world through the peace, joy and hope.

To date, over 7500 students have been trained in various music disciplines the school offers, via the two globally-recognized Trinity and ABRSM(conducted graded theory and practical exams) and over 4500 disadvantaged children, including those with special needs have benefitted from music training and music therapy.

The Music School also boasts a Chamber Orchestra that performs regularly. BSM adopts a 360 degree approach to music education; where apart from learning the theory and practical aspects of their instrument, students are encouraged to perform at the monthly student recitals, the annual student concerts and attend recitals given by visiting artistes. Exceptionally talented and promising students at levels above the 6th grade are even given teaching opportunities within the School as ‘Student Faculty’ members.

9 -Bangalore School of Music Jagadish M.R. Jagadeesh –  Director-Operations
Jagadeesh is a self-taught guitar player, composer and founder of internationally-renowned, world fusion jazz band, MoonArra. He is performing with pop, rock, jazz and fusion ensembles for three decades.As Head of Events at Radio Indigo (till 2008) Jagadeesh was instrumental in conceptualising Bangalore’s finest and one of India’s best Jazz Festivals – The Indigo & Blues Festival in 2007and in 2009.

He discussed about the importance of Music, Education and much more in this interview.

When asked about if he had faced any challenges while playing the role, he questions, how can one not enjoy working in the sector of music education?

He says, as a musician himself, it excites him to go to work everyday ignoring his long commute. He admiringly mentions that he has personally seen children with learning and other disorders being transformed gradually into more focused, attentive individuals just by learning music on a regular basis. He points out, there can be no greater joy than making a positive impact on the life of a youngster.

He continues saying, many students who have gone on to take music as a profession and whatever initial reservations their parents may have had about this career choice, promptly melts away when they see their children doing so well for themselves and enjoying every moment of it. Those ‘challenging’ moments eventually turn into ‘victory’ for all of us at the BSM and it becomes a win-win situation for all!

Usage of technology in teaching music: He feels, there is no escaping from technology; it is everywhere and can only improve our lives if we adapt to it without letting it overtake our lives. Since everything is now freely available on the internet and this enables teachers too to download teaching material, exam pieces etc and train the students well in time for the exams. At BSM many senior students receive Master-classes from artistes via skype. It is up to the music teacher to discern the need of the student and utilize technology to its optimum to address this need. Technology has something for everyone.

Music in our overall educational program:Comparing to the opportunities back then and now he says, when they were growing up, music was not a career choice for most of them. Today he is glad to see that things have changed for the better; every school has dedicated music teachers with the bigger international schools even boasting a full-fledged music department, instruments etc.

He feels that parents too have become more supportive of their children’s choice to take up music as a full-time career and are going out of their way to ensure their children receive the right music education. He points out, this is something seen only in the metros and with most of our population being concentrated in the Tier II and Tier III cities and still has a long way to go before true talent is recognized and given its rightful place.

Of course, with television reality shows being beamed across the country, things are slowly changing even in the smaller cities and towns, but what we really require is for the Government to support music conservatories and music schools like in the West, where all that is required is talent and personal commitment to make a full-time career out of music.

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