Labdhi Mehta & Nikita Shah – Beyond Academics – Mumbai

Beyond Academics, located in Mumbai, is a fun learning company focused on organizing, educational trips, interactive summer programs, unique workshops, and events for children. The camp aims at exposing children to real world experiences and learning academic concepts.

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Children are introduced to an exciting environment filled with fun and they get out-of-classroom practical training.
Ms. Labdhi Mehta and Ms. Nikita Shah are the founders of Beyond Academics. Understanding that any summer camp should be a place where children are involved in activities that are not found in classrooms, they organize activities in such a way that kids “learn new things in an open environment and do things differently” and unwind totally.

More about Beyond Academics:
· Children in the age group of 3-6 and 7-14 are enrolled.
· Teacher children ratio is usually 1:10 but when arranging for outdoor programs like camps, more supervisors are arranged to help children.
· Plenty of play and experimentation are involved in the programs.
· “Though we create a structure and module for our teachers, we ensure enough opportunities for kids to learn practically in their own way.”
· Beyond Academics interacts with schools and based on the curriculum for various grades, prepare special events and workshops to simulate academic concepts.
· Children learn more by attending the fun events every month at the social club conducted round the year.
· By working with corporate brands Beyond Academics make use of “specially designed educational events while showcasing the brand” to connect with parents and children.

How Beyond Academics Handles the Challenges
· Challenges lie in parents who think the summer camps should be closer to their homes and do not consider the quality of the program or the content of the same.
· They also think camps are meant to keep the kids engaged and not as a place where they can learn some interesting things.
· Convincing them is a huge challenge.
· Handling children with varied temperaments is yet another challenge. “Our staff is well-trained to handle kids and their differing behaviours. Teachers are well-qualified and experienced.”

Other activities of Beyond Academics:
· Unique workshops on personality development, waste management, money management, and fun with science, with main focus on games based methods of learning.

· Outdoor trips to let kids experience hands on learning
· Outdoor Events – our flagship event ‘One with Nature’ is conducted in Mumbai and Bangalore since the last 3 years. The main theme of the event is to ‘Reconnect Kids with Nature’ through various activities and programs. Each edition has been attended by close to 3000 people over 2 days.

· Summer programs: For 3-6 year old, we are doing 2 themes this year – Fuzzy Science and Recycling Rangers. Kids will learn through stories, music, performing experiments, interactive games and other fun stuff!
· For 7 years above, we are conducting a 5 days program – Biz Kids- The Young Entrepreneurship Program which will foster their natural enterprising spirit.”

Accolades won by Beyond Academics:
First runner up award for “Best Kids Events” by for two years continuously.

Contact details:
Beyond Academics
215, Champaklal Industrial Estate,
Opp: New SIES College,
Sion East, Mumbai – 400022
Ph: +919773244455, +919892657075