Kirtida Kale on “Strategies to build Inquiry in your school”

Ms. Kirtida Kale started her journey as an honorary substitute teacher. After which she went on to teach CBSE and ICSE, TFU and PYP.

She is a big advocate of Making Thinking Visible and have been using it to guide her teaching and learning philosophy. She is a certified IB Primary Years educator with more than 9 years of experience and has taught across Grades 1 to 4. She has mentored students for Grade 5 Exhibitions as well. She had the privilege of mentoring new teachers and conducting workshops as an experienced PYP practitioner.

Currently, Ms. Kirtida is working as a PYP Coordinator and a co-HRT for G3. She has been working on extending and affirming her understanding of the PYP enhancements while working with the Pedagogical Leadership team and her Teaching Team as she moves towards their PYP Authorisation. Crossroads will be the first and only PYP authorized school in Udaipur in 2021.

Ms. Kirtida beliefs that guide her journey as a lifelong learner and an educator:

– Nurture agency and self-efficacy

– Be an Inquirer

– Collaboration brings people together

– Focus on thinking

– Connections over curriculum

Celebrate differences and uniqueness

Topic description:

Kirtida will share some insights into the process her school followed to build a culture of inquiry in her school. As a new IB school, Crossroads was very new to the concept of Inquiry-Based Learning. As a PYPc, Kirtida spearheaded the journey CIS took to enculturate inquiry into their curricular framework.


This meeting was held on August 3, 2021 12:00 pm