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Eduisfun, an adaptive gamified learning platform located in Powai, has a vision to make education “fun, easy, and accessible to everyone via games.” Praveen Tyagi and Jatin Solanki, two IIT graduates, founded Eduisfun in 2014 to introduce education through games to children.

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The team consists of product managers, designers, animators, developers and testers with a common dream of “introducing a unique mode of teaching.”

Solanki says, “Learning needs to be made more engaging, relevant and charismatic to capture the attention of the child for long. Children have always loved playing video games. The fun element of the games is so attention arresting that kids master the nitty gritties of these games effortlessly. They forget the time they give to these games and are hooked on to them.  That’s when we came up with the idea of incorporating fun element into learning so as to make it appealing to youngsters.”

The Vision
· Taking advantage of the knowledge of present day kids in using gadgets such as “five inch, quad core, 13 MP Android phone replete with the best of apps and games.”
· Making learning more engaging, interesting and relevant to the present days by making children play video games effortlessly
· Introducing fun element into learning to make it appealing to the children

Unique features
· Eduisfun intends to change the teaching methodology by make children learn by solving problems and not by reading
· It makes the kids realize that failure is the first step to success and learning
· More care in offering clear and high quality content
· Leaving no chance in imparting knowledge to the children
· Preventing any student from becoming fundamentally weak
· Targeting students from 1st to 10th grade
· Unique format of games totally different from any that is available in the outside market
· It caters to curriculum offered in India and abroad by offering games with the syllabus of “SSC, CBSE for Indian students and ICSE, IGCSE for students globally.”
· Step by step concepts so that one can go to the next level when he has mastered skills in the previous level.

· Solanki points out, “the edugaming sector is yet in its early stage and offers abundant opportunity to grow without any chance of getting saturated in the forthcoming times. With increasing internet penetration and growing digitization, it is bound to expand.”
· With parents and students willing to follow only the traditional methods of teaching and not too willing to use the technology tools, the challenge lies in making them understand the impact of technology based learning on education.

Utilization of services by students
· Tie-up with many central and international schools in India within a short span of time has resulted in positive feedback from one and all and has enhanced the performance of students.
· More than 2.50 lakhs questions have been solved and one billion points have been collected within 30 days.
· About 7 thousand downloads of the games of Eduisfun through Google Playstore and around 30 thousand students have been benefited with the learning program.

Future plans of Eduisfun
· With increasing internet facility and digitalization, education through technology will expand. Hence ways of teaching should suit the changes and Eduisfun plans to fill in the space shortly.
· Finding a better way to help students learn, change their mind set and improve academic standards
· Providing an improved “gamified learning experience to facilitate conceptual learning, taking care of child’s requirements and grasping potential.”

For more information, please visit: http://eduisfun.com/
Contact details:

Jatin Solanki
Edu is Fun technologies
Room 601
6th floor, business point building
sv road, andheri west