Jaison Leon – QtPi, Bangalore

QtPi is a Bangalore based Robotic start-up involved in making innovative child-friendly robotic kits which help children build robotic prototypes. The company was founded by Jaison Leon, Raghunath Are and Anto Jerlin.  The QtPi robotics kit consists of Arduino based main board, sensors, actuators, building blocks etc. They also have a mobile app.

The QtPi team consists of people who held senior technical roles in Microsoft, Yahoo & Oracle and robotic enthusiastic millennials.  Jaison Leon, co-founder, has had 2 decades of experience in companies like Yahoo, Microsoft where he worked on processing petabytes of data and apply machine learning to protect online users from malicious attacks. His interest in STEM education and tech-innovation is what gave birth to qtpi Robotics.

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An inspiration in Elon Musk
In one of the interviews Elon Musk said “If you want to teach children how engines work, you wouldn’t want to first teach them all about wrenches and all about screwdrivers. You would show them the engine, and ask how they would take it apart. Then a very important thing happens, which is that the relevance of the tools becomes apparent”.
A simple need for top down approach in learning struck a chord. The pursuit to optimize learning process by prioritizing the practical over theoretical approach and having fun while doing so became our mantra. Kids have curiosity to learn but they also demand quick rewards to stay focussed. While smart phones provide such fulfilment to children, conventional STEM education hasn’t widely adopted it.

Proliferation of affordable SOC (System on Chip), versatile electronic components and availability of sophisticated software can make STEM learning an enjoyable process. We are committed to make kids love learning science.

It is all fairly easy. The gamification model starts with assembly of mechanical and electronics modules and allows them to use mobile app to control the robot. Next step is to use easy to understand drag and drop programming method (Scratch/Snap4Arduino). Subsequently kids will be motivated to learn advanced programming as they see fit.  Today’s kids handle mobile phones naturally. We designed the kit and the digital contents in such a way that they could navigate themselves and seldom need help from others.

We provide Flexible ABS building blocks which can be assembled in numerous ways. Arduino controller based motherboard, sensors and actuators transform passive constructs to active products. We also provide Software, tutorial videos and professional support through experience zones, robotic clubs in schools and online forums.

Minimalist design is our core value. Our problem statement starts with the aim of reducing the pain points and time wasted in mundane tasks which are prevalent in learning robotics. Experts use 3D simulation to confirm the requirements and compatibility with pairing modules. Subsequently, ABS modules are printed using a state of the art 3D printer for testing and iterated to perfection. Once the design is verified by stakeholders, it is send to mass production. Although different set of tools used to design electronic components, the design principles are followed with equal rigour.

Leon states, “As a proud make in India Company, we are partnering with schools to setup QtPi Clubs in schools and independent experience zones in major cities. Subsequently the product will be launched in international e-commerce sites with self-learning materials and supporting forums by second half of 2017. We are also building Indian consumer specific tech enabled products. We thrive to promote robotics as career choice among women due to its popularity and wide variety of use cases.”

For more information, please visit:http://qtpi.in/
Email: info@qtpi.in
Phone: +91-7259277794
A 302 Elite Greenwoods, Chikkathogur,
Basapura Main Road
Bangalore- 100