Ira Misha Barres on “Inspire a language learner”

Ms. Ira Misha Barres is French Teacher PYP & MYP

What inspires us to learn a language? Travel, work, moving to another country, passion for a speech or culture. The list continues.

As adults, we have a choice or a specific purpose of choosing a language to learn most of the time. But as a child, we rarely have an opportunity to make this choice.

Since childhood, I have loved exploring cultures and languages, but I spent three years learning German because I had no choice.

I remember the boredom of sitting through these classes, repeating verbs over and over, and being jealous of my classmates in English class.

I want to share my personal experience as a primary second language teacher on how we can inspire our young learners on their journey to learn the language, learn through the language, and about the language.

This meeting was held on December 30, 2021 11:00 am