Huma Syed on”Environmental Education – Present and future perspectives”

Huma Syed – Author and high school science teacher, Nasr Boys School, Hyderabad, Telangana

Huma Syed is an educator, an author and entrepreneur.  She has been associated with Nasr Boys school Hyderabad for over a decade as a high school science teacher. She wrote books on environmental application and science for ICSE curriculum for classes 9 and 10. Her books are used by students all over India,  UAE and Indonesia. She has her own publishing house Bookstackers.  Huma Syed has been awarded with many laurels for her contribution to education. To speak of a few of them she received the best teacher’s award in 2019 by Indian school awards, Derozio award by ICSE for contribution to education and human enrichment, 2019 and Global teaching excellence award for contribution to education community in 2020. She has done paper presentation at NCERT science seminar and SCERT Telangana. She has been a passionate teacher and mentor to her students.

In this conversation, Huma gave a presentation on Environmental Science. She told how important it is for students to take up the environment as their main subject and take up a career in that. Through her presentation, she explained the different courses students could take up at graduation and post-graduation levels.



This meeting was held on February 24, 2021 11:50 am