Dr. Swarup Dutta on”An introduction to Lean Six Sigma in Education”

Dr Swarup Dutta – Principal, MSM English School Malkapur, Buldhana, Maharashtra

Dr Swarup Dutta has over two decades of experience as an educator of CBSE schools. He has experience in diverse fields – medicine, manufacturing, quality assurance, business management, marketing etc. He works closely with district leaders and community partners to encourage parental involvement and strong community alliances. He has transformed two schools into ‘Best in the town’ in less than two years and improved services for students, teachers and parents. He has a Green Belt in global career counselling from UCLA Extension.

He spoke about Lean Six Sigma in education and its benefits in schools. With his presentation, he explained that Lean Six Sigma pertains to improving the quality of matter taught, the pupils’ character, and the quality of study and school life. With the revolutionary usage of audio-visual devices, like projectors, video conferencing, etc., the students can also be asked to write papers on a particular subject. After the presentation of papers, a discussion can take place on the respective subject. Under this method of imparting knowledge of literacy with quality, the students’ thinking, writing, and presentation skills can be kindled.


This meeting was held on February 9, 2021 11:00 am