Dr. Shilpa Jejurkar on “Some new ideas I have introduced as a principal”

Dr. Shilpa Jejurkar – International Educator, Principal, CBSE school

Dr. Shilpa Jejurkar has around 4 years of experience as Head of School with different CBSE schools. Her skills include educational technology, instructional design, curriculum development, public speaking, and teacher training. She has done a PG in management focused on education, environmental education and training of teachers. Currently she is the Thought Leader at the International Alliance of Counselors & Educators.

She said that children having an interest in learning and finding it joyful is an important thing. It ensures children to learn more. She has implemented game based learning methodology, flexible learning methods, and a woven mix of academics with extra curricular activities to achieve this. In this process, she involved families too making the online education a joyful experience.


This meeting was held on January 27, 2021 10:20 am