Dr.Priyanka Malik, 1st MYP/DP Mathematics Teacher, Dr.Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune

Dr. Priyanka has done interdisciplinary research in her doctorate in school effectiveness on the basis of school culture and school context. She is having 9 years of teaching experience as mathematics teacher at secondary and higher secondary level in CBSE and IB board schools.

Being from research background, Dr. Priyanka says, she has good understanding of IB ideologies which is about independent learning, by doing research, observations, streaming hypothesis, finding solutions, interpreting those and reflecting on it. She guides students in mini research in maths by taking them outside the classroom and finding examples which can explain them the concepts

She feels every curriculum objectives are more or less the same. It is the methodology which is adopted in teaching. A good teacher will bring out the best out of students.

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Email id: priyankamaliksfs@gmail.com