Dr. Mala Upadhyaya- DAV Centenary Public School ,Tohana

Dr. Mala Upadhyaya is the Principal of DAV Centenary Public School, Tohana (Haryana), a CBSE-affiliated co-educational school established in 1987. Her responsibilities include creating standardized curricula, assessing teaching methods, monitoring students’ achievements, encouraging parent involvement, revising policies and procedures, administering the budget, hiring and evaluating staff.

The Journey so far

My sister wanted to join the army. I, following her suit, became interested to go for written exam for the Army recruitment. It was at that juncture my mother pointed out that since I was good in studies, I should pursue further studies & take up the administrative line.

As soon as I completed my Post graduation, I was called to join an institution to teach. From then on, I did not look back and rose gradually to the position on which I am presently working.

But my journey to this position was really tough since my guide, mentor, my life- my mother, left me in the mid of my journey after her long struggle with cancer.

I owe my success & whatever I am today to my mother who inspired me & could judge my hidden latent talent, the leadership qualities I had & above all her blessings bestowed upon me.

Life at DAV Centenary Public School

Organizing the DAV National Sports consecutively for three years at Cluster and Zonal level has been my biggest success in this institution, says Upadhyaya.

Challenges are a part of everyday life. They make us stronger and without them, life becomes somewhat meaningless because we have nothing to compare the good times to. These challenges come in many forms.

The three most significant challenges that I face as a Principal are :

• Recruitment of good teachers
• Parental involvement
• Communication skills (spoken English) of students and staff

Tackling the Teacher Availability Problem

As our school is situated in a rural belt, the supply of good teachers always remains an issue. Usually, the pressure to hire more teachers leads to the recruitment of less qualified teachers, putting the quality of education in jeopardy.

Therefore, to solve this problem, I promote my experienced teachers to teach higher classes, and as new teachers are sometimes reluctant to take jobs in rural areas, I offer financial incentives to my teachers.

Thoughts on Tuitions and Extra Coaching

Upadhyaya feels that coaching centres which are mushrooming everywhere have created an out-of-school learning system which is based on ‘rote learning’. They do not focus on fundamental learning concept building or a free mindset where students can think out of the box with an open mind. These centres only lure the students and parents with their attractive advertisements.

Unlike schools, these centres do not teach moral values. I think it is high time that we bring back the confidence of students and parents in our school education system. The students have to believe in their own abilities and on the potential of learning in the school.

Modern Teaching Methods

Upadhyaya says that my teachers and my students prefer modern teaching methods to traditional methods for the following reasons:

• Improved pupil/teacher interaction
• Increased efficiencies of teachers
• More inspiring learning
• Reduced assessment burden
• Maximized learning time
• Greater pupil confidence etc.

School Contact Details:

DAV Centenary Public School
Dangra Road, Tohana (Fatehabad) Haryana
Pin code- 125120

Phone No.01692-220783
Email ID: davtohana@davtohana.org
Website: www.davtohana.org