Dr. Aruna Appasamy, Vani Vidyalaya Senior Secondary and Junior College, Chennai

Vani Vidyalaya Senior Secondary and Junior College, well-known for its spacious and airy surroundings and an exceptional infrastructure in Chennai, has Dr. Aruna Appasamy at its helm for the past five years.

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She points out the special features of the school as:
· Digital Classrooms
· Chalk transformed into light pens being used by teachers
· CCTV surveillance all over the campus
· Unique evacuation plan and top notch infrastructure
· Parent-friendly atmosphere

Performance: On how the school achieves excellent results, Ms. Aruna says, “I believe in empowering the teachers. An empowered teacher can transform the society. Her influence is infinite and absolute.” The teachers in the school are given complete freedom and guided by herself and faculty heads.

Evaluation of teachers: Ms. Aruna says that all the teachers are aware of the assessment policy. The policy includes:
· Observation of classes
· Scrutiny of class works of the students
· Participation in seminars and workshops
· Execution of non-academic responsibilities and contribution to school development
· Usage of library and presentations made

The teachers are encouraged to hone their talents to contribute more to the school. They are trained to follow the policies of the school and upon giving good results they are honoured on the Annual day.

Safety, health and academic growth: She says that the school follows a well-designed plan that includes:
· “Awareness on evacuation plan
· Demonstration on common disasters by the department concerned like fire brigade, first aid programs, traffic police, including the need of the hour topic Good touch and bad touch by the resource persons”
· Medical camps conducted by doctors from other institutions

Student Experience:
Talking about the initiatives to improve the students experience in the school, Ms. Aruna says that the school takes all efforts to stimulate the students’ confidence by arranging guest lectures and learning activities. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions at zonal and national levels. For sports, professional coaching has been planned to bring the hidden talents to the fore.

IT tools: Ms. Aruna says that the school has “smart classrooms, multimedia curriculum books and the centre of attention is power point presentations for concepts.”
Awards: The school has won:
· International School Award from British Council
· Award for Public Relations from Karuna International
· Quality Circle Forum
·At the national level the school has won:
Yoga, Music, Dance, Gita chanting, Swimming, Martial Arts – Zonal level prizes
· Oratorical competition – State level
·Essay Writing – National level
·Spartan Spelling Bee – National level first prize, 16th rank at International level

Challenges: Students’ attitude is very different and they are clear in their goals. Any problem will disappear if counselled properly. Due to city traffic and location of the school, punctuality is tough to maintain.
Ms. Aruna says, “The love and affection shown by children is one of the motivating factors to propel the school towards development.” She is moved when children inform the teachers about any laurels they win even before informing their parents.

For more information please visit www.vanividyalaya.edu.in

Ph No: +91-44-23640445