Bina Jeyabalan, Little Gourmet Chef – Cooking Classes for Kids, Hyderabad

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It’s no surprise that master chef programs on Television has attracted our young chefs. Any summer camp for children needs to be fun and informative. Little Gourmet Chef (LGC) classes are completely hands on kids cooking classes which aim to be just that.
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In this interview, Ms Bina Jeyabalan talks about little hands in kitchens.
Every child is completely unique and each child needs a lot of interaction time. We plan the sessions in such a way that we have plenty of ‘chat’ time with the children. When Children feel respected and heard – they don’t need handling.

About the courses: These are designed to help young chefs explore cuisines while building on basic skills. They eat the food they prepare at the end of each class. Our Little chefs receive recipe cards for everything they make, to try it at their own leisure for themselves and for their family. The young chefs will work with their peers while following a recipe and learning kitchen safety. Be familiar with your own kitchen: It can be a simple sandwich or a vegetable and cheese quesadilla or a banana smoothie. I want children to take responsibility for what they want to eat.

Just not Cooking: learning to share, waiting for the end product, cooperating with their peers, measuring, being creative, following instructions is just the beginning of what kids would learn in the cooking classes.

Variety & Favourites: Our recipes can be as simple as chocolate chip cookies to making spinach and cheese ravioli (from scratch). Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, spring rolls, pizza from scratch, caramel bars, cheddar chive biscuits, vegetable burgers, oatmeal raisin cookies, strawberry shortcakes and many more.
She mentions that the overheads and the preparation needed for a completely hands on kids cooking class is very high but the results and feedback from the parents and children make it completely worthwhile.
Cleanliness is next to godliness The work area gets wiped down with soap and cleaned twice before every session. The utensils used in class are washed with hot water and soap. The aprons and napkins used are washed with hot water and detergent after every session. Children are shown how to wash their hands and it becomes ingrained in them.

Helping hands: We usually have a ratio of 1:8 as our young chefs start from above 4 years. We have an interesting set up, where children above the age of 12 are hired to help out in these classes. They include older siblings and children who have done LGC classes before. The dynamics are fun, interactive and bring out the responsible and hard working side of the older children.

Precious Memories: At LGC, when we bid the children Goodbye, we would say ‘Bye Folks, See you tomorrow’ and one of them promptly replied ‘Bye spoons.’

We wish Good luck for the Story Book based camp which is yet to be launched.

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