Bhavya Prabhu on “Integrating personalized backward design model in scientific teaching for the new normal”

Saibhavya Prabu has done Masters in Biomedical Genetics from Vellore Institute of Technology. And started her career as a researcher at the Oral Cancer Institute (ACTREC) and moved into teaching over a decade ago, intending to enhance equity in education. Currently, she works as an IBDP Biology and ESS facilitator at an International School, Bangalore, India.

Saibhavya has built her repertoire of practices for teaching-learning. Being a digitally certified educator, she embraces technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

She has a wide range of International curriculum experience in teaching subjects as A level Biology, IGCSE EVM, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Coordinated sciences, MYP Biology, MYP Integrated sciences, IBDP Biology and IBDP ESS.

She worked as Associate Coordinator, HOD Sciences, CAS Coordinator, and Grade head in various International schools in her previous role.

“We, instructors, are wallowing in the time sink involved in creating digital content and using new technologies. It may seem impossible to cover the range and incorporate active learning into your class or design meaningful labs in lesson plans. In this session, let’s brainstorm the tools to integrate active techniques and discuss the most effective pedagogy to assess student learning.”

Session objective: 

Participants will apply a backward design framework to develop a plan to teach a lab or field-based learning in a remote learning environment.

Participants will identify several alternative models for teaching labs or field-based learning in remote learning environments.

Participants will be able to identify potential interactive tools to be utilized in a remote learning environment.

Meeting Time: December 13, 2021 12:00 pm
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