Balaji Jadhav on”Teaching through conference call during pandemic”

Balaji Jadhav – Google Innovator Teacher, ZP Satara, Govt of Maharashtra

Balaji Baburao Jadhav, from Sangavi village of Latur district in central Maharashtra has won an international award for ‘teaching through conference call’ during the coronavirus lockdown. During lockdown, for the students from the rural area, online classes became a hurdle because of non-availability of smartphones and connectivity. To overcome the difficulty, Satara based teacher Balaji Jadhav came up with the idea of teaching his students through conference calls. Jadhav has won HBN Creativity & Inclusive Award for his ‘lockdown teaching’ innovation.

In this meeting, he gave a presentation of the various techniques he used while teaching the students through conference calls.


This meeting was held on February 4, 2021 10:45 am